November 16, 2020

Dear fellow breeders,

I won’t rehash how problematic 2020 has been – we all know it and are living it.

As of this writing, two promising vaccines for Covid-19 are undergoing final analysis and could be available soon. There are at least three more vaccines in the early stages of stage three trials. That light at the end of the tunnel appears to give us the first real, concrete hope that this scourge will be behind us relatively soon – perhaps as early as next spring if all goes as hoped.

It’s important to realize that when we’re breeding our mares in 2021, those mares will produce foals in 2022 for yearlings of 2023. So, given that some breeders are opting out, there could be a real opportunity come sale time in 2023 due to the rule of supply and demand. Something to think about.

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about your breeding plans for 2021. I’ve heard that some of you are rethinking the wisdom of breeding your mares, which I understand given what we’re going through, but let’s put things in perspective.

Thanks for reading.