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Stallion Auction Results

One Handsome Man Adrian Torres 700
Sign to be a Runaway Bobby Lee 250
Streakin Zoomer Bobby Lee 250
Fear the Kitten Miguel Villalobos 250
MP French Alone Hymn Danny Taylor 250
Man on the Move Bobby Lee 250
Rule by night Casey Lambert 250
Quemados Version Colt Wetterman 250
Mr Special Cartel Gustavo Soria 250
Sway Away Michael Medina 250
Jam’n Jackson Natalie Douglas 250
Alsono John Sena 300
Hesinfront Mindy McArthur 350
Rime Chimes Billy Snell 350
Delight Won Bobby Lee 350
Rite Favorite Drew Swasey 400
We miss Artie Ricky Ziegler 575
Awesome Indian Jose Rivera 600
Comfort Nancy Lock 650
DMNV Mountable Martin Black 700
Fine Oak Corona  Bobby Lee 750
Stellar Rain  Larry Henry 750
Good Candy P Ralph Vincent 755
Moonifisant Mindy McArthur 800
Proceed Leroy Fincher 800
Hi level Daredevil Bobby Lee 850
Jess A Chicks Ernesto Parra 1050
Runaway Ghost Bryan Petty 1300
A Passion for Flashn Jason Howard 1300
KJ Mucho Macho Man Ralph Vincent 1350
Kentucky Wildcat Michael Medina 1400
TF Featured Effort Jorge Fernandez 650
Justin Phillip  Colton Wetterman 1600
Shame on Charlie John Sena 1600
Chicks Regard Kim Saunders 1800
Marking Don Apodaca 2000
Bodacious Dash Patricia Taylor 2600
Jet Black Patriot Patricia Taylor 3300
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