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2024 New Mexico Bred Foals


$60 –     Weanlings 

$150 –   Yearlings

$1000 –  2 Yr Old

$2000 –  3 Yr Old & Up


  • Send AQHA papers to be stamped as NM Bred to:

        New Mexico Horse Breeders Association

        4836 Hardware Dr. NE

        Suite B

        Albuquerque, NM 87109

  • Thoroughbred papers are “stamped” online. Just let us know if you have the papers on your Thoroughbred foal and we will do the rest!

In order for a foal to be eligible to be registered New Mexico Bred:

  • The foal’s sire was in the Stallion registry before time of breeding and is standing in New Mexico.
  • The foal’s dam was registered in the Broodmare registry no later than September 1st of the year the dam was bred.
  • Starting with the 2017 breeding season, should the mare leave the state after being bred and prior to foaling, a fee of $500 will be due in addition to any other normal, applicable fees (forms can be found on export broodmare page). The resulting foal from said breeding must be born in New Mexico in order to be considered a New Mexico Bred foal.
    Otherwise, the foal’s dam must remain in the state of New Mexico during pregnancy and foaling (unless prior written approval for the mare to leave the state temporarily was obtained from the Board of Trustees). The Board of Trustees, at any time, can demand that the Owner of the mare in question submit to the Board sufficient proof that the horse remained in the State of New Mexico during pregnancy and foaling. TRUSTEE APPROVAL IS NOT REQUIRED FOR EMERGENCY VETERINARIAN CARE.

EXCEPTION (Bylaw change January 25, 2024):

1. All assisted reproduction techniques including but not limited to the transfer of embryos or oocytes must be performed within the State of New Mexico unless the service is not readily available in the state. OOCYTES may be done in other states if the out-of-state ICSI requirements are followed. The mare would be required to be enrolled in the Export Broodmare Program by October 1st of the year she was taken out of New Mexico.

2023 New Mexico Bred Foals

2022 New Mexico Bred Foals

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